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2001 Summary :

This is a Fort!

Christmas Service:

It was Cold that night!!

We know how to Clap!
Tour of the house:

Big Girl, Bigger Presents:
VIDEO: hanging out

She moves so FAST:

Summer Afternoon with Mom:

Hanging out with Dad


Uncle Brett Comes to Visit

A typical morning scene

Watching TV and laughing

Seeing new Doctors

Going on a Walk
She's bigger now:

Cute couple and candy too:

A new house?

Moving Day:

Graduating to a bigger swing:

Trip to Victoria:

Presents on Christmas Eve! Last year it was the paper, this year it's the presents!
Current Stats:
H Height 31 in.
W Weight 21lb. 2oz
weight: 10%
height: 50%

Great Moments //

20 Dec // I'm still Pink!
15 Jan // Cool Fort!
03 Mar// VIDEO:eating carrots
04 Apr// Chloe: is it time to fly?
05 Apr// VIDEO: The Chase
03 Mar// Being Mobile!!
03 Mar// Remember: xmas '99
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Photos //
Moving Day:
Lot's to do on moving day...
Trip to Victoria: Mom and dad took a trip to Victoria, BC without little Chloe.
Graduating to a bigger swing: Chloe's new swing set is not for little girls, but for bigger girls.
We Know Sesame: Sesame street is a known entity, but a little red monster named Elmo is her very favorite.
Naked Baby!! watch-out, here comes a naked baaaaaabeeeeeey!
A new house? we were scouting a new area and disovered a possible keeper...
Cute couple and candy too: On Chloe's very first trick-or-treat, she had a date. This little cowgirl spent an evening on the town with a cute cowboy...
Pumpkin patch: A quick visit to the pumpkins, and chloe get's her picture with grandpa...
She's bigger now: I've only been away for a week,and I can see changes. I see a little girl in the eyes where I used to see a baby.
A Favorite Book: Both Dad and Chloe like this one...
Leading us Around: She's been taking charge and showing us her world.
Going on a Walk: We took a little time and found new things, new meanings.
Sept 11, 2001: Things won't ever be the same.
Seeing new Doctors: We've been trying to make a hard decision.

Watching TV and laughing:
 I especially liked watching her watch TV.
A typical morning scene: Mom getting ready and chloe wanting to see everything!
Uncle Brett Comes to Visit: I'm uncle brett, and you must be...
Hanging out in the Backyard: We just like to lay out the blanket and create an island in the backyard
She's got quite a focus: when she wants to focus on something, she doesn't mess around
Summer Afternoon with Mom: It's so neat watching them together. Chloe, let me introduce you to grass.
We went to the Aquarium: fish and crocodiles!
We went to the Pool: in Santa Barbara, we went to the pool. Chloe loved it.
SOOOO COOOL!: Chloe's always been a cool baby.
Aunt Dena comes to visit: we had a good time. and Dena gave us a little time to breath
Hanging out with Dad: Having time to spend with Chloe is priceless.
Mommy and Baby: Their chemistry is so amazing.
So many friends: About 30 of chloe's friends came to visit.
She moves so FAST: Gymboree is a place where babies can play and sing. Chloe loves it there...
Big Girl, Bigger Presents: Turning 1 is a milestone we'll never forget.
It was all about Cupcakes: We made BUGS and then the bugs took charge...
Red hat; laughing: Chloe's got this red hat, a really cute red hat.
Found a new hat: Baby Einstein in the making...
Tour of the house: After much request, a tour of the new house.
It was so cold that night: the first two nights in the house were very cold!.
She's a lot more mobile: crawling is fun, But try catching her.
Hanging out in a fort: This thing is fun.
Playing with baby Katelyn: Hanging out, passing germs.
Mommy's 30th Surprise Birthday: A bunch of friends joined us.
4:30 in the morning? What is this new habit?
It was a late one:  Chloe was up late, so I gave her the camera to play with.
Opening Presents!  This will probably be the only year Chloe won't know what she's getting.
Christmas Service: We got all dressed up and got ready to go to the early service. Chloe was looking her best..
Moments // See What happened in the Important Dates
05 APR: Moments: VIDEO: Chloe. Is it time to Fly?
04 APR: Moments: VIDEO: The Chase
23 MAR: Moments: VIDEO: Eating Carrots
16 MAR: Moments: VIDEO: House Tour
04 APR: Moments: VIDEO: hanging out
20 FEB: Moments: We know how to Clap!
02 JAN: Moments: This fort thing was very, very cool!

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