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2002 Summary :

Welcome 2002:
My Unlikely Hero:
First Haircut:

Neighborhood Egg Hunt:

2nd Birthday Party:

Chloe's introduction to Europe:

Swimming Lessons

Riding a Pony

A Day at the Farm

Picking Rasberries

Testing out costumes

Picking out a pumpkin

Drawing Skills

Drawing at the Table


A walk in December: Chloe and daddy went for a walk on a crisp Sunday morning...

Current Stats:
H Height 35 in.
W Weight 25lb. 2oz
weight: 5%
height: 30%

Great Moments //

02 Jan // welcome '02
15 Jan // Smile!
05 Feb // First Haircut
30 Mar// Easter Egg Hunt

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Photos //
Opening an "early" present:
FD & No-No gave us an early Christmas present!!

Drawing at the Table:
Just sitting and talking at the table, with Grass Green....

trick-o-treat 2002:
She still chooses her candy by the color of the wrapper

Watching TV upstairs: I think it was either Stanley or the Wiggles...

Picking out a pumpkin: She had anticipated it all day long...

Just a smile: I caught a priceless look... plain and simple

Testing out costumes: She loves her new costumes

Just Blocks? : She's so intent when she plays. It's like she working....

This is our girl: No question about it.

A canoe Ride: Chloe and daddy went to the farm.
We rode another Pony: This one had a different name, "Pony".
A Simple Tractor: Chloe drove a tractor (in HER mind).
Picking Rasberries: Chloe and daddy went to the farm.
A Day at the Farm: Chloe and daddy went to the farm.

Widbey Island: A fun visit to Widbey Island. 1) A walk on the beach

Riding a Pony: On this day, chloe got to ride a pony!
Breakfast at the farm:( 1, 2 ) On another visit to the farm, we fed the animals breakfast
Hanging out in the backyard: It was a really beautiful!
Swimming Lessons: On Chloe's 2nd swimming lesson, she puts her head under water!

Chloe's introduction to Europe: Our little trip to Switzerland...

1) The long day of travel 2) Arriving in Switzerland 3) Interlaken by Boat 4) Murren by Vernicular 5) The City of Bern
6) Shoe shopping in Lucern 7) Rain but Beauty in Lucern

2nd Birthday Party: Lot's of friends, presents, cake and a little Blue's Clues.
Birthday Party: Awaiting the Guests: Once everything was set up, we waited for our guests
Visit to Ventura: Nanny and Pappa bring the girls down for a week.
Easter Egg Warm-up: She got the whole idea pretty quickly...
Neighborhood Egg Hunt: Lots of kids, and lots of anticipation...
Pint-Size Portfolio: And this is what she brought home...
Pint-Size Picasso: I followed Chloe to her art class one day...
Quite a Mood: Getting over a cold, a little fussy, but a moment of brilliance!
First Haircut: Chloe gets her first haircut.(Ok, I'll take a bob please).
Chloe, Smile! Hi chloe, can you smile for mommy?...
Good Morning Mom: mommy and chloe hang out together.
My Unlikely Hero: I was sitting in the airport on a business trip...
Welcome 2002: Lots of new things to think/reflect for a coming year...
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